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You can browse the 3D models of the Yoshimoto Collection. The detail of these models is shown in the other pages. We are continuously adding new functionality and specimens, but you might encounter bugs and usability issues. We welcome all feedback to the following e-mail address. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are recommended for viewing each 3D model. Other browsers may not display the models properly.
The 3D models and related images on this site are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. For data other than the 3D models and related images, please follow the terms of use of each data provider.
E-mail: yoshimoto3d(at)kahaku.go.jp.
Please replace (at) with @, the at symbol.

Specimen ID Vernacular Name Scientific Name Collection Date Collection Country 3D Model Height (mm)*
NSMT-M 32011 Agile Wallaby Notamacropus agilis 1971-02 AUSTRALIA 885
NSMT-M 32018 Sitatunga Tragelaphus spekii 1972-06 BOTSWANA -
NSMT-M 32070 Specimen location
info available
Fallow Deer Dama dama 1990-09 UNITED KINGDOM 1698
NSMT-M 32036 Specimen location
info available
Snowshoe Hare Lepus americanus 1994-09 CANADA 477
NSMT-M 32079 Specimen location
info available
Beisa Oryx beisa 1974-07 ETHIOPIA 1460
NSMT-M 32083 Caracal Caracal caracal 1989-04 ETHIOPIA 688
NSMT-M 32094 Black-backed Jackal Canis mesomelas 1974-07 ETHIOPIA 423
NSMT-M 32100 Specimen location
info available
Hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus 1993-06 ETHIOPIA 1760
NSMT-M 32109 Specimen location
info available
Serval Leptailurus serval 1988-10 ETHIOPIA 576
NSMT-M 32120 Desert Warthog Phacochoerus aethiopicus 1974-07 ETHIOPIA 958
NSMT-M 32126 Specimen location
info available
African Buffalo Syncerus caffer 1986-06 GABON 1496
NSMT-M 32177 Specimen location
info available
Argali Ovis ammon 1976-07 MONGOLIA 2110
NSMT-M 32178 Mongolian Gazelle Procapra gutturosa 1987-10 MONGOLIA 1190
NSMT-M 32254 Nubian Ibex Capra nubiana 1972-03 SUDAN 980
NSMT-M 32236 Bontebok Damaliscus pygargus 1991-03 SOUTH AFRICA 1550
NSMT-M 32278 Kirk's Dikdik Madoqua kirkii 1986-07 TANZANIA 271
NSMT-M 32282 Oribi Ourebia ourebi 1986-07 TANZANIA 310
NSMT-M 32286 Gerenuk Litocranius walleri 1986-07 TANZANIA 1340
NSMT-M 32344 Goat Capra hircus 1990-07 UNITED STATES 1076
NSMT-M 32354 Cougar Puma concolor 1991-02 UNITED STATES 904
NSMT-M 32381 Specimen location
info available
Leopard Panthera pardus 1981-07 ZAMBIA -
NSMT-M 32403 Bush Duiker Sylvicapra grimmia 1985-07 ZIMBABWE 898
NSMT-M 32123 Bay Duiker Cephalophus dorsalis 1986-04 GABON 697

* In "3D Model Height," the height of the bounding box circumscribed to the 3D model is measured, and a hyphen-only value (-) indicates unmeasured.